Sunday, August 23, 2009

I moved to

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marcelle said...

Hi Nanci

You are a blessed woman. I read your profile on the internet & I am shaken by it. You are also a very beautiful woman.

Nanci, will you kindly keep me in your prayers ….I read the part where you say , that in the last days stress will come. My dear, this has been my portion for a while now, but nevertheless, I trust God for rest, peace & favour…

Nanci. I want to be just like you. Im 35 years of age with two beautiful daughters, of whom I love dearly. I want the blessing to start with me, so I can pass it on to my kids & they will pass it on to theirs…I want the generations to come, to be blessed & favoured by God.. My generation never had this or believed this..

Nanci, I thank You & may God always bless & Favour you…

Thanking You