Saturday, April 11, 2009

Take The Sacred Charge

I am so excited to share with you this Sacred Charge that was issued during the last night of the Onething 08 Conference that we hosted here in Kansas City in December. Over some 5000 stood to take this charge from the Lord. Watch the video introduction and than please pray and consider before the Lord this commitment.

Even if you didn't attend the conference or have no clue what I am talking about about, you may be sensing the Lord's direction in your life to go deeper in the Knowledge of Him and to understand the times. He is calling His bride to come away with Him into the secret place; to prepare us. The bible foretells of great tribulation and deception that is to come and even the elect will be deceived. Jesus may not return for many decades or it could be in the years, either way we need to be ready.

Click Here for the notes
from the message where this call went forth.

The Sacred Charge: Seven Commitments of a Forerunner
Friends of the Bridegroom, preparing the way for Jesus’ Second Coming

1) Pray daily: spending 2 hours in prayer and the Word (read the Book of Revelation once a week for 3 years)

2) Fast weekly: setting your heart to fast 2 days a week as a lifestyle

3) Speak boldly
: standing as a faithful witness in allegiance to Jesus’ heart for the Church, Israel and the nations

4) Do justly: doing works of justice, focusing on the fatherless and oppressed

5) Give extravagantly: giving to the prayer movement (beyond our tithe)

6) Live holy: walking out the Sermon on the Mount and keeping the Purity Covenant

7) Lead diligently: leading weekly prayer meetings and Bible studies (focused on training forerunners)

The Lord Bless you and Keep you as you seek Him in this critical hour!

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