Thursday, December 20, 2007

When You Hit A Wall In Prayer....It Is Strategic!

In the context of learning about God I have come across walls or blind spots. These can cloud my way, making the path unclear. Perhaps you have experienced where there seems to be a ceiling or block to your freedom. I know I have experienced a holding back sometimes, whether it's in worship or prayer. It's uncomfortable for me and I know it is not natural, sometimes it can even create doubt in my heart. Here is where I stop in my pursuit and analyse or attempt to figure out why or what is going on. I have learned this is a clue to tatics of the enemy. If its happened to you than let me share what I have learned and I am still learning. The enemy lives in the natural, he does not know what is happening in your heart, only the spirit of God can discern our heart....he looks at our outward expressions. If we are glum or downcast, sad or angry it clues him to the fact you have taken your eyes off God and he will attempt to right there to snag your thinking with thoughts or ideas planted in your mind to change your course. these thoughts or even accusations are not truth but because you have lost sight of the path, you listen - here is where you can determine what is in you. Times of pressure bring out what is on the inside. So if you have not much mediation in the word and on His thoughts you may receive these accusations into your heart and begin to consider, and mediate on them. This course of action can determine your next step. This next action, decision, choice you make will determine your progress.
Right here I want to encourage you, meditation in God's word - day and night - is never a waste! Spending time in fellowship with God is never a waste - whether everything is going great or not - this time of getting to know God is good and worth it all! Not so you can just get through hard times but so you can get to know this awesome wonderful God who loves you so much He just wants to get to know you - how awesome is that?!
So what would be a good plan of action when there is blockage or a wall or hindrance to where you are traveling or journeying in getting to know God? How can you determine the course of action? First turn to HIM He always has the answer and He knows where you are and where you need to be. He is aware of all and can show you what you need to know. Time and again God will give me a dream to show me about my dilemma, its not a prophetic dream just a revealing dream that puts things in perspective or He will reveal to me my heart. Show me my inner thoughts or things that I am believing that perhaps are not actually true. Sometimes we think we can put God in our mind...but His ways are not ours however we can lean on His understanding. So here is what you can do...ask God to search your heart ( this is what I do) ask Him to reveal to you what is hindering ...that is really what He wants to do - He loves to dialogue and He loves to reveal - His word is light - it is power to change, power to know. He makes knowledge and wisdom available to man so they can comprehend and have knowledge and to see and understand. So what can it be Lord, why can't I progress - why am I stuck? is it something I have done? Am I not obeying you in something. I remember a story in the bible about a prophet in 2 Kings 6 where the prophet threw in the axe handle and the axe head surfaced. I have heard messages about the story relating to going back to where you dropped your faith or quit believing and God can reveal to you where you stopped believing so you can continue to cut through the forest of life and make clear paths. A little ambiguous but you get the point. The Holy Spirit leads us into truth...we can find out where we veered off the path of the truth and get back on.
Here is how I pray....cleanse me God - I don't want anything in my life to hinder You or to block You - nothing in my heart that blocks You, God. Nothing that would bring reproach to you- show me, enlighten my inner man and lead me to all truth. Through this God will show you - be quick to repent - be yielded and by faith even if you don't understand because He will honor you - He will open you up when you come to Him and yield to Him. It will move your heart to open up - be yielded than truth comes bringing with it the entrance of light - it's His good pleasure to bring us into freedom and into liberty. He is all about the fellowship and understanding - so open up and be ready to receive - He loves our desire for Him and He wants us to want Him more - His plan is not to harm us but bring life, hope, healing, freedom and joy. This is the God who loves you and me and wants us! So we must be free - free to know Him , free to love Him and free to worship Him and discover this is who we were created to be!

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