Sunday, October 5, 2008

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Monday October 6th - Wednesday October 8th

At the International House of Prayer Missions Base in Kansas City, the staff gathers together the first Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of every month, as well as seven days in December, to form a "solemn assembly" of fasting and prayer in the pattern of Joel chapter 2. Worship continues around the clock with two hour corporate intercession meetings at 6AM, 10AM, 4PM, 8PM, 12AM and 4AM. You can join us during these three days by linking into our 24 Hour Live Worship and Prayer webcast for FREE.

40 Day Daniel Fast for TheCall California

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Day 7 Meditation on Psalm 2
Day 6 Video on California, Proposition 8
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Day 4 Video Devotional with Lou Engle on Malachi 4:6
Day 3: History Belongs to the Intercessors
Day 2: Video Devotional with Lou Engle on San Francisco
Day 1: Meditation on Daniel 10

Today California is in great crisis! Recently California legislators passed Bill 777 legally endorsing sexual immorality in public education and enticing our youth into sexual confusion. They are trying to pass other bills as well that would legalize homosexual marriage, silence the church’s voice on the matter, and jail any pastor who speaks out against these things.

I believe Bill 777 is a spiritual rage and backlash directly connected to the corporate repentance done for our sexual immorality on 7-7-07 at TheCall Nashville. What are the chances that the bill was numbered 777? In the face of prevailing darkness, now is the time to resist mightily the spirit of peaceful coexistence and apathetic resignation. We are coming to a Mount Carmel moment--a moment that I believe could be the church’s finest hour--a moment that she challenges her own compromise and then confronts forces of darkness that seek to demonize the culture.

This is the time for our light to break forth like the dawn! The church is not at the mercy of political decrees of destruction; Jesus alone is the Lord of history! I believe God is calling for the church, through the weapons of prayer and fasting, to act as an agent of righteous revolution in order to displace kings and overthrow their immoral decrees of destruction

Therefore, we are summoning believers from all across the state of California and the nation to gather for a Joel 2 moment. When there is no remedy, when there is no natural hope, God still has a holy prescription. Blow the trumpet in Zion, gather the people, and call a fast. Let the believers of this great state gather and cry out to God believing that California could become the flash point of real change in America not the open door to societal collapse. Let us return to the fasting praying womb in San Diego and seek the face of God on November 1st, 2008 at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego, CA.

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