Tuesday, July 22, 2008

House Representatives Speak Out Against Abortion

Recently in a Special Orders session, Jim Jordan and Jean Schmidt exposed the fact that U.S. taxpayers are subsidizing the abortion industry to the tune of several hundred million dollars each year. Although polls continually show that the majority of Americans oppose government funding of abortions, organizations that promote and perform abortions get large sums of taxpayer money in the form of state and federal grants and contracts.

These representatives pointed out that Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion enterprise in the country, received over $336 million of your taxpayer dollars despite killing nearly 290,000 unborn babies last year. Planned Parenthood received this money even though its records showed a $115 million surplus last year. Both Reps. Jordan and Schmidt stressed that the time has come to stop sending taxpayer money to any of the organizations that promote and perform abortions.

You can view part of Rep. Jordan's and Rep. Schmidt's speeches at the following link:

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Jeremy said...

Prayer is definitely GOD's government for HIS creation. CHRISTians should speak out and actively fight for what is right! Thanks for posting this up! Keep up the good work!