Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Choosing Not To Be Offended

As I seek to live a life of holiness and purity before the Lord, I find every day I am presented with opportunities to come short and sin along with being offended. It is life in the context of the world around us. I have a soul, which consists of a mind, will and emotions. These are areas of my life are under construction, being transformed into the likeness of God but they are born into sin and have the nature of sin though I am a new creation, I have to act like it!

Every day there are opportunities, someone or something does not line up with this new nature; someone does something that I do not agree or I dislike or a circumstance comes along that does not fit the preconceived ideas or how I desired or according to my agenda. After all, my ideas are the best everyone should always agree with me because I know it all. Wow, who does that sound like? Yuk! So contrary to my desire, a nature that does not look like the nature of my Father, comes alive and tries to rear its ugly head. Among my protest is a strength that is not submitting to my new nature. The strength of this thought or reaction is a clue that I have not redeemed this area of my life. I am not in submission to God or His ways in this area. Something is not aligned right, something is out of order. It is like a metal detector going off at the airport…I have something that is not supposed to go through and there is a need for removal. My journey is delayed at this point unless I remove this potential hazard to myself and others on the same journey. It is actually not all about me but it is also about those who are on the journey with me. What is the root, where is the basis from which this thought or reaction is coming from? A thought or way of thinking that is not rooted in the Word or is unlike the character of God; it must therefore be my old nature that I thought was under the blood and changed but apparently not. Back to the cross we go to put this nature to death and remind my mind, will and emotions what the God-like character would do in such a situation and to reflect this attitude whether “I feel like it or not”. By faith I believe I have His nature and His character but I must renew my mind by meditating on His word until I know that this is who I am and the old nature is no longer how I act or react.

In this life the opportunities will continue to come, like tests at the end of learning a lesson to see if you “got it”. I am grateful for the tests, I rejoice in the opportunities for they are mirrors set up to see if I reflect Christ, my new nature or if there are some areas needing the washing of the water of His Word and crucified on the wonderful blood stained place of Calvary where He has gone before me and made a Way! I love God, I love His ways, I love His word and I will follow Him all the days of my life. I say YES Lord I will choose You; voluntarily I want your way and Your life to become my life! Grace is a gift and I am so thankful for the Holy Spirit who helps my weakness.

At this cross road of defeat where my old nature, stronghold in my mind or unrenewed mind, will or emotion is about to be put to death I have noticed some traits that surface with the intent to preserve itself. One is to bolt, literally leave the area of exposure, run away, quit, or replace it with something that will take the attention away from the place of revealing. The chiming voice of “you need a rest, a break, to get away” these are all self preserving thoughts to remove the flame of change. The fire is hot and the smell of burning flesh on the altar is not pleasant but oh the fruits of righteousness are unable to be compared to anything on this earth. A life yielded and surrendered is precious beyond measure and worth the immediate sting of death. Momentary pain is quickly replaced by a life of intimacy with the maker and lover of my soul. There is no comparing this victory. Yes Lord, come with Light of Your Word, show me the deep recesses of my heart, thoughts and intents that are not purified. I desire clean hands and a pure heart, I want to be like You, Lord, I want to love like you love and reflect your glory on the earth! Make me like You, have your way in my life, I say Yes!

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