Sunday, February 17, 2008

What Every Woman Wants….to be chosen!

There you have it men, the untold secret, is no longer a secret. Just tell the woman you love every day that you choose her over your ballgame on TV, over a night out with the boys, over a golf game, anything really. But for us, two things make us melt, to be chosen and to be safe. That is why I am so completely whole in my relationship with my lover, Jesus. He does all that and more. But He did choose me, He came looking for me, I was not looking for Him or at least He wasn’t what I thought I needed. I really didn’t know what I wanted until we met and than EVERYTHING made sense! I can still recall that day when I asked Him into my heart to by my Lord and Master. I became forever connected to God! I was engrafted into a family that really loved me! Not based on what I did or how I lived but who loved me for just me. What a concept! What a Love. To this day I still don’t understand fully why He wants me but He does and that makes me want to live for Him all the rest of my days. To be chosen, by a Holy God who is perfect, to be wanted while I am in the midst of darkness and sin and have nothing to offer, yet He wanted me and still wants me, everyday. Well if that isn’t enough to satisfy every woman, you can’t possibly be satisfied but still He gives me so much more! He protects me, allowing me to dwell under the shadow of His wings. The almighty, omnipotent, omniscient God, creator of Heaven and Earth, this great Good God protects me, covers me and hides me in Him. I am safe, I am secure in everlasting love and I will have this forever and ever. What girl could not feel fulfilled right there? He is my everything and I am so satisfied to the depths of my soul. His love is never ending; His mercy everlasting, His loving kindness so enriching and healing and His depths are unsearchable to the end. I am fascinated, I am captivated, and I am truly in love!

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Steven and Krisit Cooper said...

I want to add some Onething podcast stuff and some you tube videos to my blog site. How do ya do that? You are so savy!